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bulb shaped solar festoon lights
Ball shaped solar festoon lights
solar panel for festoon lights

Solar Festoon Garden Lights

£69.00 £62.10

As the sun goes down, there's nothing better than soft lighting adding that ambient glow to the surroundings. Emulating festival style lighting, they'll look perfect lining the garden fence or hanging in the trees.

The solar festoon lights come  in two sizes and shapes, the 10 and 20 bulbs are solar powered so there is no need to plug in. Above each bulb fitting sits a circular hole which can be clipped onto hooks, branches or fence screws.

10 Bulbs: Round shape
Lighting length: 4.5m
Total length: 7.5m

20 Bulbs: Light bulb shape
Lighting length: 9.5m
Total length: 12.5m

Distance between each bulb: 50cm, distance from solar panel to first bulb 3 m.
Diameter of bulb: 6cm

Bulbs and wire are weatherproof
IP44 rated for outdoor use
Class 3 Construction
G60 shape
Each bulb has 5 copper LED's inside (non-replaceable)
One dead LED will not affect the others
LED colour: Warm White
Lifespan: 5,000 hours

Wattage: 10 Bulbs 1.8W and 20 Bulbs 3W

Lighting will last for 6 hours on intermittent mode when fully charged.