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Cover for Outdoor Furniture

Cover for Outdoor Furniture


Protect your outdoor furniture with the Outdoor Sofa Set Cover. Crafted in Ripstop Polyester the material is water and dirt resistant whilst also being breathable, allowing any excess moisture to escape easily. Sold in a selection of sizes, please view the specifications to see which is required for your furniture set.

The deep grey/black cover is UV resistant as well, ensuring your furniture is safe from the elements. The cover comes as a single piece, with a toggle for tightening and a bag for storing the cover in when not in use. If your furniture set comes with cushions, we recommend these are stored indoors before the cover is put on.

Medium H90 x W270 x D180cm (ideal for Cadgwith Sofa Set, Chilson Table and Bench Set, Small 
Luccombe Sofa Set 

Large H90 x W295 x D203cm (ideal for Chilson Table and Bench Set, Large, Colwell Sofa Set, Harting Sofa Set, Porthallow Corner Sofa Set, Skala Sofa Set, Walderton Sofa Set, West Strand Corner Sofa Set, Marden Corner Sofa Set)