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Tine K round chunky table in Acoya pine
Round indoor or outdoor table by Tine K

Acoya In or Outdoor Coffee Table


Beautiful Acoya treated pine coffee table by Tine K Home, The simple Scandinavian design make this outdoor coffee table easily integrated in the home or garden. 

The pine trees used are FSC-certified, which means they are harvested with sustainability at heart - therefore, the amount of trees cut down match the amount that are brought up - no depletion or damage is done to their original environment.
Accoya is a treatment used to treat wood (by the company of the same name "Accoya"), which changes the technical properties and structure of wood, making it virtually impregnable. Water, rot and fungi can therefore not penetrate the surface as easily as with untreated wood, or wood treated with normal wood shield/coating. These changes result in a type of wood, which is more durable, while at the same time requires less maintenance and additional protection, e.g. coating.

The process behind the Accoya treatment, utilizes components that are naturally occuring within wood and therefore leaves the wood intact, without losing the beautiful features of natural wood. Using the same components that already exist within wood, makes it a "green" process and provides a type of wood that is naturally biodegradable

Dia. 90 x H 40 cm

Please allow approximately 3 weeks for delivery.

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